Speak Up exists to give a voice and opportunity to people facing poverty.

They become Vendors who sell magazines and subscriptions to Speak Up Online, which gives a voice to those without.

This opportunity is powered by people like you—from anywhere in the USA—who take the initiative to:

  • Reach out to people facing homeless (Guides)
  • Spread the word to help them get subscribers (Champions)
  • Capture stories and give people a voice (Storytellers)


You are facing poverty, financial hardship, or homelessness. To increase your income and stay off the streets, you become a Speak Up Vendor who does the following:

Sell printed copies of Speak Up
Keep the cash from each magazine you sell. Use it to cover immediate needs.

Sign up digital subscribers to Speak Up Online
Whenever someone becomes a paid subscriber through your card or link, you get paid every month as long as their subscription is active.

Get started by registering as a Vendor.


Bring start up kits ("Pursuit Packs") to people facing homelessness and spend approximately 15 minutes helping them get oriented and signed up.

This opportunity is not limited to people out begging on street corners. It is also for folks on the edge—who are at risk of homelessness, or need extra income to stay afloat. If you wonder if someone you know would be a good candidate, then you've got your answer: yes!

On your schedule. From anywhere.

Get started by ordering a Pursuit Pack.


Use your social capital to help a hardworking homeless person extend their efforts.

Start here:

Select a vendor from Speak Up Vendor Stories and share a their signup link on social media, by email, etc. When people subscribe via that link they'll get paid.

Make it your own:

  • Pass out subscription cards on their behalf
  • Invite them to your event, group, church to share their story and get subscription sign ups.
  • Use your creativity, resources, and network to partner remotely or in-person with a Speak Up vendor.


For homeless and non-homeless creatives. Read the magazine to see what is currently being published.

Have you experienced homelessness? Still are?

Begin by writing your story. We pay upon publication.

Also: help someone share their story.

Use your creative gifts however best fits the situation.

  • Interview them and share the transcription
  • Capture and share a video
  • Join them for a few hours and write a day-in-the-life story

Submit work here.