Join with Speak Up. You'll give a voice to those without and add to your income as you do.

Pursuit Packs Overview

Watch this video about the Pursuit Packs. 

How much can you earn?

You'll earn $5 monthly for each subscription. Doesn't seem like much, but look at this math:

Sell two subscriptions every day — At the end of six months you'll have $1,825 in recurring monthly come.

Sell printed magazines for immediate cash and distribute subscriptions for monthly recurring income. Or sell digital subscriptions only by passing out cards and/or sharing your online sign up link.

Find Champions to support your efforts.

  • Your efforts will be an inspiration to others—including those who have large social and relational networks.
  • Allow them to share your sign up link and invite you into their community to accelerate and multiply your growth. See sample vendor pages here.

Get started:

  1. Fill out the form form below.
  2. Send a video and photo of the vendor through this link. (Video should be in response to the question: What is your story and what are you hoping for?)

This form is best completed by a volunteer Guide in the presence of the joining Vendor.

However, it can also be completed by an individual vendor.